Founded in 2016, Linklogis is the first China supply chain finance te​​chnology SaaS enterprise to be listed on HKEX with the support of Tencent and other early investors. Linklogis aims to redefine supply chain finance and provide innovative solutions that are data-driven, scenario-based, automated, and online.


Sygnum is the world's first digital asset bank, and a digital asset specialist with global reach.


Fenbeitong integrates cost control, scenarios, payment, and reimbursement to define the next innovative enterprise expenditure management platform.

Lingxi integrates patented AI technologies into large-scale, professional, compliance sales services for clients across the finance, insurance, and education industries.


OneDegree Group (“OneDegree”) is an insurance technology company with a mission to make insurance more accessible for everyone.


Zerone is a financial information company focused on serving China financial markets by providing valuation data and services, business analytics, and ecosystem platforms. 

AHI - Fintech

AHI Fintech integrates the latest graph analytics with AI technology to develop cutting edge machine learning platforms in order to provide risk assessment and regulatory solutions for financial institutions.


For more information on DATAPPS, please visit http://datapps.cn/

Funding Xchange

Funding Xchange helps a wide range of businesses such as retailers, accounting firms, hotels, farmers, manufactures, and exporters source funding at all stages of building and growing a business.

MX Federation

Meixin Digital assists in the digitalization of China’s financial industry through a variety of services tailored to its clients. Driven by technological innovation, Meixin creates solutions that connect products, services, and ecosystems.


Flowcast is a startup with a mission to help the underserved market gain access to capital. The company provides algorithmically predictive machine learning solutions in order to unlock working capital and transform credit assessments.

Panda Remit

Panda Remit is a technology product and brand created by Wo Transfer (HK) Limited and aims to provide a safe, convenient, and low-cost money transfer service.


Smart-Insight is a full-suite InsurTech services provider powered by big data and AI technologies offering four key products for insurance companies: underwriting module, claim settlement module, personal medical analysis, and product design.


Baiwang is a leading invoice digitalization platform in China, providing SaaS-based solutions with electronic invoices and bills. It is one of the largest e-invoice platform in China.

Singularity Systems provides an Artificial Intelligence platform called Singu̇AI to help enterprises transform their raw data into actionable insight.

Singularity Systems

The first credit card payment based neobank in South East Asia to provide credit access to unbanked population


Leading technology platform and financial data terminal for equity derivatives trading market in China


Snaplii is a North American e-wallet application that connects merchants and consumers. 

Archax is a global, regulated, digital asset exchange, brokerage and custodian based in London.


Shanghai LuCheng Data service ltd. is the first third-party credit platform covering personal mobile communication behaviours scores on a global scale. It utilizes big data of customers' mobile communication to predict the possibility of bad debt or fraud.

Lu Cheng Data
Ding Shu

Shanghai Ding Shu is a leading high-tech enterprise in Greater China with a focus on providing a variety of services including data mining, data analysis, business consulting, and management.